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29 Responses to "Robotic eye"

  • Portal Tailandia 05:25 PM 14/10/2011
  • Logo Design Contest 10:58 AM 20/12/2011

    Superb and Excellent tutorial. Its such a wonderful learning resource.

  • Photo Manipulation 10:48 AM 26/12/2011

    Good Tutorial thanks

  • shamim 02:29 PM 28/5/2012

    Wonderful tutorial..Thanks for sharing

    • Graphics Clipping Path 11:40 AM 29/11/2013

      Awesome!! I thinks this is greatest post for design professional. I really appreciate these kind of outstanding job. Thanks for your tutor!!

    • shawon 05:40 PM 04/12/2015

      Your image is beautiful thanks for this great inspiration

  • Francis Gereon 04:38 AM 12/7/2012

    uhmm,,, what materials did u used? where is the name of the material?

  • David 07:23 PM 16/9/2012

    Very nice tutorial!!! Thanks!
    But please where can we find the source images???

  • Saikul Islam 01:52 PM 09/11/2012

    Thanks for your awesome tutorial. I really love this……….:)

  • big winds 12:10 AM 20/11/2012

    Good Stuff…

    I went over this site and I think you have a lot of superb info, saved to fav (:….

  • Mostafizur 04:33 PM 05/6/2013

    Excellent tutorial.Thanks for sharing.

  • Simon 06:26 AM 26/6/2013

    Awesome! Can u do this on a movie I am making? My email is so send me a mail and I’ll give u the picture…is that okay?

    • Al 06:16 PM 01/7/2013

      sure why not

  • wiscky geofany 01:59 PM 10/12/2013

    Can you give me this file examp=blablabla.PSD
    send to my email please 😀

    or please chat to my facebook

    • Al 09:40 PM 10/12/2013

      Sure I’ll have someone send you a copy

      • I need help :/ 04:19 AM 05/8/2015

        Could you possible help me with this? my email is I would appreciate it :)

  • ajay vavdiya 08:40 AM 27/7/2014

    this is very helpful to give effect and anumate

  • Joolo 06:27 PM 04/11/2014

    robotic eye, nice and creative. good work

  • mosherof 09:22 AM 06/11/2014

    wow.its a wonderful tutorial.i was seeking this. i just love it..

  • mosherof 10:21 AM 06/11/2014

    done well.provide more tutorial regular.

  • Ahshanul 06:05 PM 02/1/2015

    I see your design step by step. I honorable to really awesome. Thanks you so much for your tutorial..

  • Offshore Clipping Path 08:00 PM 13/2/2015

    Robotic eye and robotic tutorial, thanks for sharing this awesome tutorial with us.

  • Clipping Partner India 10:33 PM 05/9/2015

    Awesome and creative tutorial, very helpful tutorial for photoshop beginners.

  • Arafin Sardar 03:53 PM 15/1/2016

    Always great task, thank you.

  • Remove background service 01:49 PM 16/2/2016

    I’m glad to see your outstanding tutorial. Really it’s perfect guideline for beginner. Thank you for creative sharing

  • Alamia 03:15 PM 17/9/2016

    Very nive your futuristic robotic eye tutorial, thank you

  • John 02:33 PM 09/6/2017

    If you need cool free textures for your Photoshop tutorials check this website:

  • dctalk 09:05 AM 07/9/2017

    Can you give me this file psd


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